Open Protocols

Harness the power of open-protocol solutions! Velicron has become pioneer in utilizing and customizing those solutions for you. We provide the missing ingredient of total support and creativity based on an extensive delivery of complex, turn key projects to companies from a variety of industries over the past years.


Take advantage of Velicron's customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with direct access to dedicated team of developers, consultants, and system engineers. Our support team is committed to improving the overall quality and reliability of our projects for the benefit of our clients.


Open protocol solutions can be adapted to fit any business requirements. Open protocol products promote reliability flexibility and quality innovation by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code.

License costs

The adoption of open source products has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to companies

(source: Standish Group 2008)

Reduce Hardware

With virtualization products, companies can increase the utilization of existing servers and limit the resources they need. Virtualization solutions can help companies grow their productivity by minimizing cost and complexity while maximizing stability and the overall computing reliability.

Messaging Servers

High Availability Clusters

  •    Unlimited Mailboxes / Domains
  •    Shared Calendars / Contacts
  •    Global / Personal Addressbook
  •    Compatibility with most desktop / mobile clients
  •    High Availability option with Clustering
  •    Cloud-Ready Solution
  •    Low Latency Servers
  •    On-site migration support
  •    Mission Critical dedicated support
  •    No single-point-of-Failure
  •    No License cost – Unlimited VMs
  •    DRaaS Ready Solution
  •    Improved Business continuity
  •    Reduced Maintenance expenses
  •    No vendor lock-in
  •    High Reliability
  •    Great stability
  •    Corporate Support

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Solutions

  •    Financial & Sales reporting
  •    Budget Development and Planning
  •    Dynamic Reporting with -R-
  •    Consolidated view of key Business Data
  •    100% Open Source
  •    No License fees
  •    Software Product Development
  •    Software QA and Testing
  •    Scrum Software Engineering
  •    Dedicated Teams
  •    UX Design
  •    Requirements Engineering


Messaging Services

Messaging Services

Messaging Services

Messaging Services

Messaging Services

High Availability Cluster

IT Infrastructure
Network Security
WEB Proxy Server
High Availability Cluster
VPN Tunnelling

Messaging Services
High Availability Cluster